Santa Con 2016

What is Santa Con? 

My knowledge of Santa Con is basically a excuse for people to get dressed up as santa and go to local bars drink while in costume (which always opens the door for a little more rowdiness) and take part in what seems to be another holiday tradition around the country.  There are some good things like a open donation to Cure Starts Now but the event is free... UNLESS you want the drink specials!  15$pre order tickets gets you 6 beers at local bars, 20$ day of specials.  Which if you think about the cost of a beer at a bar being 4 to 6 dollars thats a pretty solid discount.  It also means that the majority of Santas will be drinking 6 beers and walking the streets.  

Now I don't want to sound negative I went around and photographed people this year dressed up as Santas for a couple hours.  I met a lot of good people having a great time.  I also meet a lot of people who were having to good of time and I stopped shooting at 2 or 3pm.  In any event there are always some "bad apples" or "bad santas" I should say which is unfortunate.  I don't condone going out and having a good time but being mindful of your surroundings and not running across the street and making fools of yourselves because your wearing a beard and no-one can recognize you.  All and all it was a fun experience to get out and take portraits of the Santas and who knows maybe it will become my own tradition. 

Thanks to all who participated and to my assistant Gabe!