Kevin Hart of Hart & Cru

Taking the wine game shaking it up and then make sure everyone get a taste.  I am not really sure what I mean by that exactly but what I am trying to say is Kevin Hart is amazing at what he does and wants to make sure people know that he doesn't believe in the stereotyped highbrow nature of a successful Sommelier.  

I was contacted by Kevin to updated a headshot and some other promotional images for him and his company of Hart & Cru.  When we first spoke about the shoot and what he wanted to get out of it was one typical headshot to be used for publications but the rest of the images were to be fun and showing his personality.  We wanted to make sure that when people saw the images they knew it was Kevin's real personality and I think we did just that.  

A couple hours a bottle of wine and one head injury (split my head open from a c stand falling, grabbed some paper towels determined no stitches were needed and powered on!) 

I am looking forward to the even more creative and off the wall shoots we are working on.  Now that we have knocked out the basics and some fun shots. 

For more information about Kevin and Hart & Cru look him up here -