morning coffee

I recently upgraded my camera system and have been testing it out and pushing the camera harder and harder. This morning I was taking some photos while making my morning coffee and thought I would share.

Before when shooting with my old Phase One P45 back anything above 200 ISO would have been to noisy to use for work but now with the CMOS sensor on the Mamiya Credo 50 I was able to shoot these at 800 & 1600 ISO! I am completely blown away with the image quality of this sensor. Images captured with my trusty Phase One DF body, Mamiya 120mm Macro MF and the Mamiya Leaf Credo 50

A shout out to Dodd Camera for working with Phase One / Mamiya Leaf  and getting me the upgrade to the Credo 50.  The medium format platform that uses the a CMOS sensor vs the CCD. Allowing you to capture up to 6400 iso images!  After working with the Credo 50 for the past week I can't believe the versatility of CMOS chip. Being able to shoot at even 800 iso along with the file size, dynamic range, sharpness / Leaf Shutter lenses and color of medium format is huge for location portrait work.  Last shout out to my favorite local coffee roasters Deeper Roots Coffee and Chemex Coffee Maker.