Shelby Keith

I had Shelby Keith in the studio to update his promo images for the release of his new album.  To work with the subject and style of the album we wanted to kept the tones of the images cool and a few even a little desaturated.  

First set used multiple lights, a blue gel and a little haze in the air. The Key light was 39" rotalux deep octabox, followed with a 53" rotalux octa bank behind the subject softly lighting SHELLZ and the background.  In front of the octa bank was the bare bulb with a blue gel wrapped around.  Last was a large white interior umbrella filling in any shadows from the key light along with pieces of foam core and v flats both white and black. 

Second set was simplified to just the 39" rotalux deep octabox.  Right over the camera and close to SHELLZ's face.  Then with the use of two v flats on either side and one black flag above his head to knock down any bounce and create the deep shadows around hit face.  

Third and final set was two lights the 53" rotalux octa bank with only the interior diffusion along with a 7 inch dish with a 10 degree grid.  The octa bank filled the set with light but cast a deep shadow on SHELLZ's chest where he was leaning forward and his jacket opened.  So I used the dish and grid to just send a little light so we could see the lapel of his jacket along with the design on his t shirt. 

Shelby Keith instagram

SHELLZ - "M.A.D." Music Video